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Law professor Elizabeth Price Foley has been guest blogging at Instapundit this past week, introducing a pretty interesting running feature on just what exactly is in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”):

NOW THAT IT�S PASSED, NANCY, I FOUND OUT WHAT�S IN IT: Remember former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi�s comment about Obamacare, �We have to pass the bill so you can find out what�s in it�? Well, Nancy, I�ve now finished reading the 2700+ page �Affordable� Care Act. So I�m going to start posting a few of the stranger, little-known provisions for our readers� enjoyment. I�m going to call them �Obamacare Fun Facts�� because this should be fun. Hold onto your hats, folks.

The first two entries in the series didn’t disappoint! ObamaCare Fun Fact #1 dealt with breastfeeding – here’s a short excerpt:

OBAMACARE FUN FACT #1: BREASTFEEDING: All employers must now provide a �reasonable break time� and a �private place other than a bathroom� for employees to express breast milk for at least one year after childbirth. Employers with fewer than 50 employees �may� be exempt if they can demonstrate compliance would result in an �undue hardship.� [Section 4207, Affordable Care Act].

Other than a bathroom? So a special breast feeding lounge or something? I have absolutely nothing against breast feeding (quite the contrary), but this is a regulation that the federal government needed to impose on business owners in this economy? Really?

Nice to know the government cares so much about breastfeeding mothers that thousands of businesses will have to cough up either whatever it takes to comply with the law’s demands or the cost of whatever it takes to show they would have an undue hardship in complying with the law’s demands. For an item that more directly bills the taxpayer for its excesses, the topic of ObamaCare Fun Fact #2 is diversity:

OBAMACARE FUN FACT #2: TRAINING HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS FOR �DIVERSITY�: There is BIG money in Obamacare for all things relating to �diversity,� which is crudely defined as �individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.� For example, section 5402�titled �Health Care Professionals Training for Diversity�� appropriates hundreds of millions of dollars to provide and expand scholarships and pay back student loans….

Foley lists three items in this section of the bill that, while doing nothing to improve the quality or availability of health care, never the less manages to stick U.S. taxpayers with a 575 million dollar bill over a five year period to accommodate the lawmakers’ other priorities.

We’ll keep an eye on the series as it progresses!

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