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The Jason Lewis Show interviews Emily Skarbek

Monday October 4th, 2010   •   Posted by Joshua Kaplan at 4:31pm PDT   •   2 Comments

Dr. Emily Skarbek, Director of the Government Cost Calculator was interviewed on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Jason Lewis Show” (Premiere Radio Networks).� Using, Dr. Skarbek explains the effects of rampant government spending for any individual in America. Listen to the interview here. Download the mp3 file here.

U.S. Begins Yet Another Fiscal Year Without a Budget

Monday October 4th, 2010   •   Posted by Randall Holcombe at 3:49am PDT   •   1 Comment

October 1 is the beginning of the federal government’s 2011 fiscal year. Congress has not passed a budget, and it appears likely that one won’t be passed until January. The government that wants to take over and run your health care (and other aspects of your life) can’t even pass its own budget. One…
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